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The Fountain Of Youth With Cal Spas

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Can the Fountain of Youth Spa / Hot Tub by Cal Spas be a miracle reverse aging system?  The Fountain of Youth Spa is a patented hydrotherapy that will revitalize your body, skin, make you feel better and even look younger!  From the gentle bubbling sensation to the luxury feel of the water your body will benefit from the billions of oxygen rich microbubbles in this spa.  


The oxygen levels in the water increase from the microbubbles which in turn, invigorates the skin cells, stimulates your immune system and collagen production.  All of these benefits help to fight and reverse aging.  The oxygen will also kill bacteria and promote healing.  The big bonus you get from the Fountain of Youth Spa / Hot Tub is that it will hydrate your body, plump up your skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles!  What’s better than that!


When the billions of microbubbles are turned on in your spa they form a gentle cloud that is suspended in the spa water.  This then gives you a warm water and air jet hydrotherapy, which is heavenly.  The Fountain of Youth Spa is also one of the quietest active body hydrotherapies.


Oxygen Rich Baths:


Increase oxygen in the hot tub by 70%

Oxygen naturally increases collagen production

Gives energy to your skin cells

Immune system gets restorative properties

Kills bacteria the natural way


Negatively Charged Ions Are Present:


Serotonin levels increase so you sleep better

Free radicals are neutralized

Skin cells get more life

Stimulates that immune system to help stay free from illness

Totally relaxes your mind and body

The microbubbles stay in the water and do not burst

For maximum relaxation a warm bath temperature is maintained


For more information about the Fountain of Youth Spa / Hot Tub or to see our other spas contact us at Valley Pool and Spa Kelowna BC which also serves the Okanagan.  Our spas specialists are always standing by to assist you.