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The Michael Phelps Spa Is Now Available In Kelowna!







The legendary olympic swimmer, Michael Phelps teamed up with Master Spas to create his own “Michael Phelps Legend Series Hot Tub.”  This ultra premium spa looks as luxurious as it feels.  And now this beautiful spa is finally available in Kelowna.


There is lots of features that make this spa a true legend.


As with all Master Spas the ergonomic design is felt from the second you sit down.  Master Spas makes it easy to relax because the engineers truly designed a seat that contours the body.  The jets are placed perfectly to hit you from head to toe.


With the Michael Phelps Legend Series you get upscale Orbit Jets with crystal-like nozzles for a unique look.  These jets fully adjust from 10 - 100% in velocity letting you customize your seat.


The Master Force Bio-Magnetic Therapy System will help with pain, get circulation going, reduce swelling and stiffness.  Almost 70% of professional athletes use magnetic therapy for pain relief.


With a reverse molded neck and shoulder seat which features a ledge and specially designed jets that are turned downwards to give the best massage; the StressRelief Neck and Shoulder Seat melt your stresses away with their powerful jets.


A favorite to all, the Extreme Therapy Seat wraps you up with comfort, giving you an amazing hydrothermal therapy session for your whole body.  Maximum hydrotherapy is achieved with 22 jets that have been carefully placed to massage your calves, arms, wrists and hands; the unique jet pattern massages your neck and back and will have you forgetting all of your stress.


If your feet are achy, the Master Blaster Foot Therapy System has dual jet clusters with 28 nozzles to give you a unique form of reflexology.  The Master Blaster Foot Therapy System has it’s own separate pump which generates 200 gallons per minute of powerful foot massage.


These are just a few key points of the Michael Phelps Legend Spa.  For more information about this hot tub contact us at Valley Pool and Spa Kelowna and we would be more than pleased to assist you.