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The Snow Has Arrived!

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Mother nature decided to bring on the snow early this year.  Is your hot tub ready for the snow and colder temperatures we get in Kelowna?  Soaking in a hot tub in the winter is a favorite of many spa owners!  There is something magical about sitting in a hot tub with the cold crisp air, the bubbling of the hot water and a new snowfall around us.  It’s amazing!

With winter in full swing, you must be sure your hot tub and the cover are being cared for.  Keep your hot tub free and clear of snow and ice.  You would not want to slip and fall when you enter or leave your spa.  Try not to let snow and ice build up directly around your hot tub.  If you let it build up it will become harder to remove at a later date.  Keep your cover free and clear of any ice and snow too.  If we have a heavy snowfall and it turns to ice the weight could break your hot tub cover.  You can clean it with a soft bristled broom.  By keeping your cover free if snow and ice you will also save money on your heating costs.

Be sure you are keeping up on your chemical maintenance in the winter months.  Some of us don’t like to go out when it is so cold, but you need to keep up on your water chemistry.  This way you can enjoy your tub when you want to go for a soak after a long hard day at the office.  

Don’t forget to clean the hot tub filters, they help to keep your water clean.  It is really important to do this in the winter months.  You do not want to have to do a water change with the cold temperatures outside!  Make sure to give them a good cleaning at least once a month to keep them working properly.

Happy Winter Hot Tubbing!