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The Twilight Series By Master Spas

With Master Spas "you can never have too much good" with the Twilight Series.


The Twilight Series will give you the pleasure of all of your senses being engaged for supreme relaxation and comfort.  


With this series of hot tubs / spas you get a ergonomic design with engineered seats that contour the body, naturally bringing you relaxation.  The jets have been specifically placed in the spa to give you head to toe hydrotherapy.


Here a few of the key features of this beautiful spa.


The Master Blaster Foot Therapy System will give you the ultimate foot massage.  This foot therapy system uses jet clusters with 28 individual nozzles which will have you feeling totally rejuvenated.  This form of reflexology has been tested through scientific studies that have been proven there is health benefits through foot massage.  The Master Blaster Foot Therapy System generates a 200 gallons per minute of powerful massage.




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StressRelief Neck and Shoulder Seat has unique designed jets that are trained downwards so that your neck and shoulders are under the jets.  Your muscles will love these jets, they give you a relaxing massage relieving your tension.



Xtreme Therapy Seat.  Are you looking for maximum stress relief?  Look no further.  Master Spas has created an amazing seat that will surround you with comfort and that will achieve a head to toe hydrothermal therapy session.  The Xtreme Therapy Seat is made to lay back in, stretch out and it comes with 22 jets!  The two whirlpools combined with the 22 jets will give maximum coverage hydrotherapy for your calves, arms, wrists and hands.  You name it Master Spas covered it!


Master Force Bio Magnetic Therapy System is exclusive to Master Spas.  Bio Magnetic therapy has been used for years to assist in pain relief, get your circulation moving, bring down swelling and alleviate stiffness.  More and more doctors of modern medicine and physical therapists are using this therapy for back problems, arthritis and sports injuries.  


If you are wanting more information or thinking of buying a hot tub / spa please contact us at Valley Pool and Spa Kelowna regarding the Master Spa Twilight Series.  We are sure you will be impressed.