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Thinking Of An Auto Cover For Your Swimming Pool?


Valley Pool and Spa Kelowna swimming pool covers



Automatic swimming pool covers are great!  A touch of a button and your swimming pool is covered in less than a minute!  How convenient is that?  Here are the benefits of installing a automatic swimming pool cover.


~They can be used on concrete, vinyl and fiberglass pools.


~ Safety should always be number 1 around a swimming pool.  A auto cover makes it impossible for someone to fall in a swimming pool.  When it comes to one's furry friends and children it is better than any fence or alarm can do.  A automatic swimming pool cover gives you 100% peace of mind.


~ Auto covers save you on energy usage.  They keep the heat in, which saves you money on heating costs, up to about 70%.


~ They will save water.  People that have a automatic swimming pool cover have less water evaporation because it helps to maintain a constant temperature in your pool.  Expect up to about a 90% reduction in evaporation.


~ Less chlorine is used because less "stuff" gets into your pool.  You will find up to a 70% reduction in chemical usage when you have a auto cover.


~ You will save money with a auto cover because your pool will not need to be circulated as long as a swimming pool that is left uncovered.  You can expect up to about 50% in savings.


~ Hate cleaning your pool?  An auto cover will save you cleaning time as it helps to keep dirt and debris out of your pool.  More time for fun, who wouldn't like that?


~ Different colors to choose from.


At Valley Pool and Spa Kelowna we use only top quality products.  Drop us a line or stop by our retail store, we would be more than happy to discuss what automatic swimming pool cover would be right for you.