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Thinking Of Buying A Swimming Pool?

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One of most important first steps you can take before buying a pool is doing some research on pool styles you like, features and any needs you may have.  Being informed when visiting or meeting with your swimming pool builder / contractor ensures you are well-versed and can ask meaningful questions.

Create an inspiration book; at times it can be difficult to put your ideas into words.  Pull photos of pool styles you like, including shapes, water colors and special features.  By doing this it gives your pool designer a good sense of what you maybe interested in and how your style can be incorporated into the swimming pool design.  

What shape of pool best fits your needs?  Swimming pool design is critical to the overall aesthetic and functionality you are trying to achieve.

Geometric shapes are great for people wanting a classic / contemporary look.  These also work great for playing games or swimming laps for exercise.  Free-form styles give you more of a casual and natural look.  They also work well incorparating waterfalls and boulders.

Think about how your pool will be used.  Consider what you want the main use of your swimming pool to be.  Is it to relax, a play area for the kids, exercise, entertainment or just aesthetics?  Think about your depth requirements; will it be a diving pool, play pool or a lap pool?  This should all be well thought out when speaking to your pool builder.

What water color do you like?  This is probably on of the most importants questions!  The color of the pool can depend on many factors; the finish color, water depth, sun exposure and placement and the type of vegetation.  Water color is generally grouped into 6 color categories; Deep Dark Blue, Dark Blue, Medium Blue, Green, Teal and Light Blue.

What type of interior pool would you like?  The typical swimming pool finishes to choose from are; plaster, quartz, tile and pebble.  It is important to research these options and understand the performance characteristics of each.  Generally plaster or quartz maybe a standard finish offered by pool builders with pebble being offered as an upgrade.  Aggregate pebble finishes offer a wide variety of texture options for you to choose from.  

Consider what special features you may want to include.  Waterfalls, diving board, sun shelf, slide, fire and water features, lighting, sound, safety equipment, or perhaps a cabana…  If you are interested in adding a feature to your swimming pool it is best to do this during the initial construction.  Retrofitting can sometimes be tricky and costly afterwards.

Where would you like to place the swimming pool in your yard?  Pool placement is an important consideration.  Keep in mind sun exposure patterns, where you’d like the pool enterance to be, privacy and whether or not you need to work around existing landscaping and or other structures.

Set a budget.  Have a good idea about the maximum amount you would like spend to dedicate to your pool project.  Make a list of must haves before meeting with your swimming pool builder so you are less likely to go over budget.