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Troubleshooting; Master Spas

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If you just bought a new Master Spa is it always a good idea to become familiar with a few of our troubleshooting tips.  Most issues are a pretty simple fix due to something being turned off or possibly your filters are just dirty.


~ Jets are not performing as they should be;  


* Check that the pump is running

* Check to make sure you have the jets to an open position along with the air control

* Is the water level at least up to it’s minimum level?

* Check that your filters don’t just need a good cleaning


~No heat in your hot tub;

*Please note, usually when a hot tub heater is not working it will trip the breaker.  If the breaker has not been tripped please follow along below.

*See if they is any messages on the display panel.  If there is, refer to your diagnostic section in your manual that came with your spa.  There you will find out what the message means and what steps must be taken.

* Check your water temperature at the control panel to make sure you have it set to the right temperature.

* Check that the filters are not dirty

* In your spa, check the control panel for the heater indicator light and or the thermometer icon.  If you see the light on or the indicator icon moving, the spa should be heating.  Wait about an hour and check to see if the water temperature is changing.

* Check that the pump has been primed and all slice valves have been opened.

* Reset your power to the spa at the GFCI breaker

* If your Master Spa is still not heating contact your local Master Spa Dealer for service in Kelowna.

~ The pump is not operating;

*On your control panel press the JETS button

*If you can hear the pumps trying to do their job; make sure all slice valves have been set to open, your pump may need to be primped, also be sure your air controls are open.

*If the pump is still not working please contact your local hot tub / spa service company.