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Vacuuming Your Swimming Pool

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A beautiful swimming pool in Kelowna with our hot hot summers is a must have!  Swimming pools are a fun way to spend time with family and friends.  When you own a swimming pool, regular cleaning needs to be done as you will want a clean and healthy pool environment for your daily swims and pool parties!

Regularly cleaning your swimming is extremely important too as you will want to avoid any health issues, keep your equipment running properly and have clean clear water.

One part of keeping your swimming pool clean includes having to vacuum it.  You can vacuum your pool manually by hand or by using a auto pool vacuum cleaner.  

An auto vacuum can be left in your pool at all times when not swimming and will move along the pool’s surface, the sides of your swimming pool and the stairs sucking up all the dirt and passing it into a filter.  A auto vacuum is a more expensive investment than a manual pool vacuum but it will save you tons of time and effort for years to come!  Auto vacs require very little to no supervision to keep your swimming pool clean.

A manual pool vacuum cleaner comes with a long pole, hose and a vacuum head.  When the hose is connected to the vacuum head and submerged in water it will fill with water creating suction.  The long pole will allow you to move the vacuum head along the sides, surface and stairs of the swimming pool collecting dirt.  It generally will take about 20 to 30 minutes depending on how dirty your pool is and how much you vacuum it.  How often should you vacuum your swimming pool?  Just depends on how dirty it gets, once a week minimum and twice weekly if you are using the pool a lot.   

If your looking for more information regarding swimming pool vacuums in Kelowna contact us at Valley Pool and Spa, we are always more than pleased to assist you.