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Swimming Pool Chemical Safety


After building a swimming pool in beautiful Kelowna you will need to keep it clean.  Keeping a swimming pool clean does require the use of some chemicals.  The number one being chlorine.


Chlorine is a very important part of swimming pool maintenance that needs to be done, it gets rid of bacteria.  As with any chemical it must be handled properly.


Here is some basic safety tips to follow on using and storing your swimming pool chlorine.


~ Do not mix your chlorine with other matters

~ Do not get the chlorine with your bare skin

~ Do not consume chlorine

~ Do not breathe in the chlorine

~ Do not mix different types of chlorine.  Stick to the same brand.


Basic tips on chlorine storage.


~ Keep the chlorine stored in it’s original packaging

~ Keep it away from children

~ Keep it away from your furry friends

~ Keep it away from other chemicals that could be combustible or be a fire hazard

~ Keep the manufacturers instructions and be sure to follow them


When using chlorine in your swimming pool you must wait for some time to pass for it to dissolve and circulate.  By not waiting you could experience some of the following issues.


~ Skin irritation

~ Red eyes and irritation

~ Your hair color being bleached


In addition to using chlorine to get rid of microorganisms, you will also have to make sure that your pool water is at the appropriate pH level.  If the pH level is too high or too low microbes can still be present which will also lead to skin irritation.


Now that your know about the risks and how to protect yourself from chemicals you are ready to chlorinate your swimming pool!  If you are unsure about how to add chemicals to your swimming pool, your local swimming pool store Valley Pool and Spa Kelowna is always happy to assist you!