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Wanting To Create Your Own Personal Oasis?


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Owning a hot tub and making it your own personal private oasis is wonderful for relaxing and unwinding from the stresses of your daily life.  With all the options avalible today it’s easy to create your own sanctuary.  

Start with a great hot tub.  At Valley Pool and Spa Kelowna we love Cal Spas and Master Spas.  Either of these are wonderful spas that you can customize so that you can get exactly you want; colors, style, number of jets, seating and lighting.

Pick a great spot for your tub.  Select an area that is clean and well organized; you don’t want to get into your hot tub and be reminded of all things you need to get done.  Try not to place your new hot tub with all sides of it exposed.  If place your tub close to an existing wall or plantings masking some of the hot tub it will give you more of a warm and cosy feel.

Add some comfort to the area by adding in comfortable outdoor furniture.  A popular concept is to design an outdoor room.  If you have a covered area to place your furniture in, add a durable rug, aromatherapy candles and pillows.  

Add in some beautiful customized lighting into your outdoor space.  Look at lighting that is adjustable.  Lighting around a spa should be soft or dim.  Bright lights will distract you from having a relaxing soak in your new hot tub.  Soft lighting helps to create a feeling of relaxation and brings warmth to the area.

Consider adding some grass plants around your tub and lush greenery.  Not only will it add some privacy but it will also make you feel like your on vacation at a spa.

If you are looking to create your own personal oasis in your backyard our friendly experienced staff at Valley Pool and Spa Kelowna is more than happy to help create the perfect setting you have been wanting.