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What Is Better For Your Pebble Tec Swimming Pool Finish?

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When it comes to saltwater and chlorine pools there is so many misconceptions about what is better for a swimming pool with a pebble finish.  The answer is that both are perfectly safe!  It all boils down to what’s better for you.



One of the traditional ways to keep your swimming pool clean is to use chlorine tablets which sanitizes germs, bacteria and algae.  Chlorine tablets can be placed in a floating dispenser or an external feeder.  The tablets dissolve slowly into your pool when the pump is running.  One of the main benefits of a chlorine pool are that the chlorine levels are easily maintained.  On the other side of the coin: the stabilizer in the tablets can build up over time and this can mean having to partly drain your pool to bring the levels back if you are not careful.  High stabilizer levels can can make the chlorine less effective.  Checking on your chemistry regularly is important to avoid this.

People often think that salt water pools are chlorine free.  Saltwater pools must use a chlorine generator to produce chlorine from the salt which goes into the water.  The generator has titanium plates, they electrolyze to dissolve the salt that then makes liquid chlorine.  Stabilizer can not be produced by the generator and must be added.  With a chlorine generator, production levels of chlorine can be adjusted using a dial on the control panel.  In order to make sure both the chlorine and stabilizer are being maintained they need to be tested bi weekly.  Talk to your local swimming pool builder in Kelowna and they can help you decide what is best for you.



Both saltwater and chlorine pools can be almost similar in long term price.  Your swimming pool builder can help you with pricing.


Physical Side Effects

There is some misconceptions that chlorine swimming pools cause red eyes and green hair.  If your pool is not being maintained properly it can cause some eye redness.  Green hair?  That is actually not from chlorine, it is caused from excess copper levels in your pool.  It’s all about keeping your pool maintained to avoid these issues.

Some people love the way saltwater feels: it just feels softer.  Salt water also helps to moisturize the skin and prevent it from drying out.  Saltwater will also decrease the impact of eye irritation.


This is just a few things for your to think about when choosing a saltwater or chlorine swimming pool.  Talk to your local pool builder and together you can make the best choice for your Pebble Tec swimming pool finish.