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What Makes Our Clarity Spa So Special?

Ergonomic Design


When you have a seat in the Clarity Spa you will feel a difference right away!  The engineers at Master Spas designed seats that make it easy to rest and relax by creating a seat that contours right to your body.  They also made sure that the jet placement will massage you from the top of your body to the bottom.  How great is that!


Stress Relief Neck and Shoulder Seat


The stress in your neck and shoulders will melt away with Master Spas exclusive Stress Relief!  The Clarity Spa has a reverse molded Neck and Shoulder Seat that features a ledge with carefully designed jets that are trained downwards.  With your neck and shoulders under the tension relieving jets, you get a perfect massage in just the right places!


Master Force Bio-Magnetic Therapy System


Standard in all Master Spas hot tubs is their patented Master Force Bio-Magnetic Therapy System.  Magnetic therapy has been used for hundreds of years to relieve pain, inflammation, circulation and stiffness.  Both Doctors and physical therapists are now using this therapy again in modern medicine to help treat back pain, arthritis and sports injuries.  When you sit in your Clarity Spa, the powerful magnetic therapy will be applied to pressure points on your neck and back when sitting in the Stress Relief Neck and Shoulder Seat.


Noise Reduction System


Master Spas has a Noise Reduction System in their hot tubs, bringing you a quieter, stressless soak in your spa.  A unique motor mount was developed to reduce pump and motor noise.  The industry standard in hot tubs / spas has 153% more vibration noise than Master Spas!


Energy Efficient


Master Spas has insulated their hot tubs with Lcynene Foam which has raised the bar when it comes to energy savings.  Lcynene Foam will keep a consistent temperature inside the tub keeping out the cold air.


For more information on our Clarity Spa drop us a line or or drop in to Valley Pool and Spa Kelowna and our knowledgeable friendly staff would be pleased to help you buy a hot tub.