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What Temperature Should You Keep Your Hot Tub At?

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When people buy a new hot tub / spa at Valley Pool and Spa Kelowna they often ask what temperature they should keep it at.  It is recommended that the temperature should go no higher than 104 degrees.  Also use caution and check on the temperature of the water before entering your tub.


The temperature of 104 degrees also comes with an advisory; temperatures over 100 degrees are never recommended for pregnant women, persons with high blood pressure or persons with heart disease.  Also use caution if you have any skin conditions as the higher temperatures can irritate them.  Children do tend to heat up more quickly than adults so make sure you are checking on them regularly that they are not getting overheated.


If you are exercising in your spa / hot tub it maybe a good idea to keep the temperature below 90 degrees.  When doing a active workout it is safer to keep the temperatures lower in order to not overheat your body.


For warm water therapy for arthritis, fibromyalgia or chronic pain issues, the warm water will increase your circulation making it easier to do therapeutic exercises.  If you are doing warm water therapy with rehabilitative movements 98.6 degrees is usually what is recommend and liked by most people.


Those that are in recovery from an accident or stroke find 88 to 92 degrees most comfortable.  Warm water therapy is great for slowly regaining movement by doing flexion and extension movements.


The air temperature outside will also be a factor on how hot or cold the water feels.  Whatever feels comfortable for your body is the ideal temperature.  Listen to your body and remember that the hotter the water is in your hot tub / spa the shorter your soak should be.  You don’t want to overheat.