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Why Build A Concrete Swimming Pool?

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Building concrete swimming pool is a wonderful investment in Kelowna and the Okanagan area.  The rewards you get from your health and the happiness of your family last a lifetime.


A concrete swimming pool may cost more but there is also a lot to gain.


Concrete pools last longer, maintain better and you will get more of a return on your property value in most cases.


What else are the benefits of building a concrete swimming pool?


~ With a concrete pool the design is totally flexible.  You can choose any shape or depth you want.  Go as big as you like or as small as you like.  Maybe you want a diving pool or a shallower pool because you like to play games, maybe you want both!


~ Concrete also maintains it’s shape and durability for years to come.


~ Concrete swimming pools require less maintenance.


~ Being able to customize the design of your pool will enhance your home aesthetics.


~ You get to choose from a wider range of materials that can be used in your swimming pool design.  We can even custom blend a perfect color for you using Pebble Tec as a swimming pool finish.


~ Concrete swimming pools work in all temperatures.


~ When reselling your home buyers prefer a concrete swimming pool rather than vinyl or fibreglass one.  Concrete is the better choice for resale.


~ Concrete pools allow you to have the freedom to choose your finish.


~ It’s easier to have your swimming pool design, finish and color match your surrounding landscape.


~  If you build a concrete swimming pool you can add accessories like tanning ledges, vanishing edges, waterfalls, a beach entry or a swim up bar if you choose.


~ Cleaning and maintenance is easy!



If you are thinking of building a swimming pool, Valley Pool and Spa Kelowna offers over 30 years of experiance in helping people build beautiful back yard retreats. Click here to browse our gallery of award winning pools.