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Winter is Coming!



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Did you just buy a hot tub / spa at Valley Pool and Spa Kelowna?  With winter around the corner here are few tips to get the most out of your spa when the temperatures dip down.

Entertaining - Are you having a party?  There is just something special about sitting in a hot tub on a cold snowy night!  You guests will love it!  If it’s snowing out and your feeling adventurous you could challenge each other to go for a roll in the snow.  Or maybe you're planning a romantic night, sitting in the hot tub / spa under the stars is certainly romantic!

Arm Yourself Against Illness - Unfortunately with winter coming so does the cold and flu season.  Hot tubs are great for helping you sweat out toxins.  The cold air is great for the lungs which can help with coughing.  If you start to feel muscle soreness from a possible flu coming on, jump in the tub, it will help to relax and soothe your muscles.


Keep Your Temperature Consistent - Maintaining a constant temperature in your spa will actually save you money on energy costs!  Turning your spa thermostat down when it is not in use won’t save you money.  When you find a temperature that you like in your spa, keep it there.  It takes more electricity to recover the lost heat than maintaining a constant temperature.  You also don’t want to run the risk of your tub freezing from having the temperature set to low, in the end that will cost you sometimes thousands of dollars in repairs.

A Case Of The Winter Blues - Lots of people get the winter blues which is totally normal, a hot tub can help!  Hot tubs have been shown to improve your mental health.

If your are needing some information about spas please don’t hesitate to contact us at Valley Pool and Spa Kelowna.