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Wonder If You Need A New Swimming Pool Liner?

Typically a pool liner in a vinyl swimming pool will last you approximately 10 to 15 years.  Many factors will affect its lifespan; areas that are susceptible to groundwater, not keeping your water chemicals properly balanced, if your liner was not made to fit properly it can cause premature wear and tear and even the sun’s strong UV rays.

If you are thinking you may need a new swimming pool liner or repair look for these signs.


Tears and Cracking

Vinyl pool liners just deteriorate over the years mostly due to pool chemicals and the sun’s strong UV rays.  Make sure you inspect your liner on a regular basis for cracking or tearing.  Any cracking or tearing can cause or be a symptom of water leakage.  If you do see cracking or tears make to get this tended to ASAP, as it can cause damage to your pool and add costly repairs.


Fading or Stains

Liners fade over time but fading and staining can also be indicators of age and water quality.  Make sure you are monitoring for rust stains and algae buildups.  Some replace their liners just to brighten their pools and give their yards and swimming poolo a updated look.  


Wrinkles, Slippage and Stretching

Over the years vinyl liners will lose their elasticity.  Make sure to keep your eye out for loose fittings around the return jets and skimmer.

Wrinkling in a swimming pool liner can be caused from high chlorine or to low of PH for prolonged periods of time.  


Leaking / Water Loss

Water loss from your pool can be a sign your liner is failing.  A failing liner can cause seeping water to corrode the pools walls and wash away the dirt beneath.  Be sure to consult with a liner expert for guidance.


If you are having problem with your liner or not sure if you are having issues contact the team at Valley Pool and Spa and they will be happy to assist you!