luxury infinity pools using a “cast-in-place” technique

a peek behind the glamour

For pinpoint accuracy, Valley Pool & Spa builds its luxury infinity pools using a “cast-in-place” technique. Similar to the technology used to build contemporary skyscrapers, cast-in-place pool construction requires on-site fabrication of custom forms. The forms are filled with concrete and agitated to remove all voids, which produces tolerances across a fifty-foot run, within a scant few hundredths of an inch.

Most builders use the “shotcrete” and “gunite” processes, which has its place, but not for the precision demands of these custom pool structures.

The cold-weather extremes in Canada also pose special challenges for pool construction. To keep our pools functional year-round, we may construct pool walls as thick as two feet. The plumbing systems and insulation also require special attention and expertise. And to ensure year-round pool use in our sub-zero winters, geo-thermal heating is the choice for many of our clients.

You will find other builders who promise our level of perfection, design and commitment. They may even promise it at half the price. But look at their photos…talk to them. Then look at our photos. And talk to us. You’ll soon see that when we say we can deliver, we’ll deliver a pool experience beyond your greatest expectations.