FROG Water Care System

FROG Water Care System

The FROG integrated water care system makes hot tub water treatment amazingly simple. Thereís nothing to measure or pour. Simply dial in your use level on the mineral and bromine cartridges and insert them into the integrated housing. Other than testing your water weekly, thatís all you need to do! The FROG system will continually keep your water crystal clear. The system uses fewer chemicals than traditional systems and contains a combination of specially formulated minerals and bromine that are gentler on your skin. Treating your hot tub with bromine also eliminates the harsh smell associated with chlorine sanitizers.

FROG Replacement Cartridges

Our custom FROG bromine cartridge contains 200 grams of bromine so it lasts longer than standard FROG bromine cartridges and is designed specifically for the water needs of Valley Pool & Spa hot tubs. The blue mineral cartridge contains the only type of minerals compatible with bromine and reduces the total amount of bromine required. Replace bromine cartridges monthly and minerals four times a year to maintain sparkling clear water. (With regular use. Varies by spa size.)

Monarch CD Ozone System

The optional high-output Monarch Corona Discharge (CD) ozone system (standard on Utopia series models) reduces the need for hot tub chemicals by continuously mixing highly concentrated ozone into the water. This system works efficiently with the FROG inline system, reducing the amount of chemicals required to maintain fresh, clean and clear spa water.