hot tub water care

hot tub water care

Total Alkalinity

Total Alkalinity buffers or controls changes in pH. Maintain TA between 100-150 ppm. Total Alkalinity is critical to the protection of the equipment.


Maintain pH between 7.4 and 7.8.

Calcium Hardness

Calcium Hardness controls overall buffering capacity of the water. Low CH can lead to corrosion; high CH to scaling, cloudy water and staining. Maintain CH between 150-300 ppm.


Sanitation refers to the control of infectious organisms (bacteria, virus, etc.) and the removal of excess organics (perspiration, urine, body oils). Valley Pool & Spa offers two types of sanitizers: Bromine and Chlorine.


Bromine is strongly recommended as a sanitizer for spa use. Bromine is more effective than chlorine in higher pH ranges. It is recommended to maintain a bromine level of 3 to 5 ppm.


There are a number of different types of chlorine available and the selection becomes a personal preference.

Whether using Bromine or Chlorine in your Spa, periodic shock treatments are required. Body oils, lotions, perspiration and dirt accumulate in the spa reducing the effect of your sanitizer. After heavy bather use or weekly, shock the spa using Spa Life Clor or Spa Life Shock according to directions.

Specialty Products

Spa Life Clean

Spa Life Clean is a concentrated low sudsing cleaner especially formulated for spas.

Spa Life Scum Free

Spa Life Scum Free is an enzyme based product that breaks down oils and scum that form in the spa.

Spa Life Cover Care

Spa Life Cover Care is a combination cleaner and restorer for spa/hot tub covers.


Frog Water Care System

The FROG integrated water care system makes hot tub water treatment super simple. There’s nothing to measure or pour. learn more . . .