concrete pool builders

concrete pool builders

Concrete, shotcrete and gunite are all forms of concrete used in pool building, and Valley Pool & Spa’s concrete pool builders are among the best.

cast-in-place pools

For pinpoint accuracy, Valley Pool & Spa builds its vanishing edge, complex, custom pools using a “cast-in-place” technique. Similar to the technology used to build contemporary skyscrapers, cast-in-place pool construction requires on-site fabrication of custom forms which are filled with concrete and agitated to remove all voids, producing tolerances across a fifty-foot run within a scant few hundredths of an inch.

shotcrete pools

For most backyard pools, however, even gorgeous, long-lasting pools, this level of precision is overkill. So for most of  Valley Pool & Spa’s Kelowna pool clients, our master builders employ shotcrete concrete. Shotcrete is a free form application of concrete that creates a watertight structure that can be applied horizontally or vertically, in any shape or configuration.

Most commonly found in tunnels and pools, shotcrete is applied pneumatically through a hose, pump and application nozzle. It’s strong and malleable, but must be applied by an expert—like Valley Pool & Spa’s team of concrete pool builders—for a smooth, impermeable, durable finish.

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