pool covers  security, safety, savings

pool covers security, safety, savings

Pool covers save on energy, reduce pool maintenance, reduce chemical consumption, save water, and most importantly, ensure the safety of children and pets. at Valley Pool & Spa, we view pool covers as an important safety and savings device that typically pays for itself with energy savings within a few years.

Though children should be supervised around a pool at all times, a safety-certified cover will be able to withstand hundreds of pounds, greatly reducing the chances of an accident, even as it seals in the heat of your pool.

automatic pool covers

pool covers  security, safety, savings

Because automatic pool covers are easy to operate, homeowners are more likely to use them habitually, sealing up their pools with the flick of a switch. And with a full seal between the water and the pool’s edge, an automatic cover provides peace of mind for you and your family. They’re hidden when rolled back, and they even work with water features. Valley Pool & Spa partners with only the most reputable suppliers to provide our valued Kelowna pool customers with the safest, sturdiest and easiest-to-operate automatic pool covers on the market today.

manual safety pool covers

pool covers  security, safety, savings

Manual pool covers are an economical way to provide a measure of safety and energy savings, as well as keeping your pool clean. From solar blankets to stepsaver systems, we have a myriad options, as well as the expertise to consult on the best pool cover for you.

Don’t let summer catch you unprepared! Call or visit our Kelowna store to discuss options for this important part of your pool.