Partnerships in swimming pool construction

spectacular pools take a team

The magic of our pools is based on the hard work of our valued employees, many of whom have been with us for years. Our clients are also part of the team; without their exacting standards and vision, British Columbia’s finest pools and waterscapes would only remain in our imagination.

Valley Pool & Spa values the quality and innovation of Pentair Water Pool and Spa. Their energy-efficient pumps, filters, heaters, lights and sanitizers are the best in the industry, and a hidden benefit to many of our backyard masterpieces.

We’re also proud and pleased to partner with world-renown waterscape designer Skip Phillips. Put simply, there is no better poolscape designer in the world than Skip. He’s a true artist, understanding water and illusion, as well as architecture, landscapes and the technical aspects of pool design. Better Homes and Gardens, HGTV, The Robb Report, Architectural Digest…these are just a few of the media that have lauded Questar Pools and Skip’s leadership, design aesthetics and outstanding capabilities.

Whether we’re developing a pool complex for a large resort, building a private luxury pool or replacing your hot tub, we’re happy to partner with the architects, developers and contractors our clients have in place to get the job done. Part of our expertise, after all, is working well with others.