Associations in swimming pool construction

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To share techniques, promote best practices, and frankly, get some great deals for our clients, Valley Pool & Spa is a member of the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals (APSP). We also belong to SIMA, an association focused on serving the outdoor living needs of homeowners, and Carecraft, a consortium of pool and spa designers, builders and retailers who have joined to form a nationwide, member-owned association. Only select industry professionals are invited to join, and all must pass rigorous standards of quality control, reputation and customer care.

Genesis 3 Design Group

Genesis 3 is a major force in the luxury pool and watershape industry, and Valley Pool & Spa is proud to be a member. Committed to raising the standards in pool construction through continuing education, its educational series features design and construction experts leading professional training programs and specialized international tours. Gene Brown achieved Platinum certification, the highest level available, in 2008.

2010 APSP Builder Spotlight