pool renovation and upgrade options

pool renovation and upgrade options

Whether for cosmetic updates or because your pool surface has begun to deteriorate, giving your existing pool a facelift can dramatically improve the visual impact of your pool, yard and home.

Whether concrete, fibreglass, vinyl or a composite surface like Pebble Tec, Valley Pool & Spa has the best pool and spa technicians in the Kelowna area, backed by up-front pricing, four decades of experience, and consulting services that focus on your priorities.

vinyl pool renovation

Replacing pool liners is part of pool ownership. They’re sturdy, but they don’t last forever, and sometimes you’re just ready for a new look. Changing a vinyl liner can be quick and easy, with impressive results. And while the cost of the liner will depend on its shape, size, thickness, and pattern choice, this is one of the fastest and easiest ways to instantly improve the appearance of your pool and yard.

fibreglass pool renovation

Fibreglass resurfacing and renovation can turn a dingy pool into one that looks like new. Whether resurfacing or doing a liner conversion, new fibreglass will wear well, be algae and stain resistant, won’t discolor with time, and will be easy to maintain at a proper ph balance, with minimal use of chemicals.

concrete pool renovation

For older concrete pools, the most dramatically beautiful—and affordable—way to upgrade and renovate, is with a Pebble Tec resurfacing.

consider Pebble Tec® – more than just a pretty face

Is it time to turn your backyard pool into the resort sanctuary you always envisioned? Pebble Tec’s stunning, composite finishes have flexible design characteristics that allow a swimming pool surface to blend with any landscaping and water features. And with a Pebble Tec pool finish, you’re investing in a durable, dependable, low-maintenance swimming pool surface that will last for years.

Let’s talk about how to get you the pool of your dreams within the budget of your dreams.