vinyl pools design options

vinyl pools

Vinyl pools provide the best value pool, and with new technology and innovation are sturdier and more beautiful than vinyl pools of old.

Some benefits of vinyl pools include:

  • Cost effective: Typically the least expensive option for an in-ground pool
  • Fast installation: Like fibreglass pools, vinyl-lined pools go in quickly and easily
  • Unlimited shape, design and size options: If you have a difficult spot, a vinyl liner may be easier to fit than a fibreglass pool
  • Flexible materials: won’t crack in extremely cold weather like we can sometimes experience in Canada
  • Easy maintenance: Smooth surfaces and easy repair, without repainting or re-plastering (see more about vinyl pool repair here)

As vinyl pools have gained in popularity and as demand for variety has increased, producers of vinyl liners have branched out in shape, size, thickness, color and pattern choice. And while the vinyl itself is simply a colorized, chlorinated PVC thermoplastic used as the waterproofing membrane, as with all in-ground pools, Valley Pool & Spa can enhance your pool with spas, waterfalls, decking, laminar jets, lighting effects and more.

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And if you’re looking to update your existing vinyl pool? Check out our renovation services.