Spa Star: The Water Chemistry App

Balancing your pool and spa water is difficult to do. It’s like baking a cake without a recipe. 

But with Spa Star, pool chemistry is made easy.

This new app available through Valley Pool and Spa will help you balance and maintain your water from the comfort of your own home.

And the best part about it is that’s it’s completely free!

spa star app

Spa Star Features

This all in one app makes pool and spa ownership easier than ever by offering easy to follow guidance for balancing your water. 

Here are all the convenient features Spa Star has to offer:

  • Water testing and chemical balancing.
  • Diagnosing water issues, such as cloudy, foamy, or green water.
  • Troubleshoot spa issues to see if you require a technician.
  • Request service from one of our technicians at Valley Pool and Spa
  • Set reminders for regular maintenance.

How it Works

You may be wondering how on earth could a phone calculate your water chemistry?

Well it’s plain and simple.

For water testing, all you have to do is dip your Aqua Test Strip into your water and input the colour fields into the app. With this information, the app with calculate which chemicals you need to add to balance your water. 

For water diagnostic, the app has a sophisticated algorithm that uses your water chemistry history to determine the possible issue with your water.

The app also offers guidance on diagnosing any technical issues you may be having with your spa. It will inform you on whether or not you need a technician to fix whatever issue you may be having.

How We Can Help

Even though this app offers reliable information, it’s still important to bring your water in to Valley Pool and Spa on a monthly basis for a full, computerized test. 

All of this is to ensure that your water is clean and safe for you and your family!

To learn more about this app, visit the Spa Star website!

You can also call Valley Pool and Spa at 250-860-2266 for more information. We’re always happy to help you with all your pool and spa needs. 

Helping Our Customers Through COVID 19

With COVID-19 spreading around the community, all of us here at Valley Pool and Spa are taking extra precautions to keep our staff and customers safe and healthy in the store. This is why we are now offering several services that comply with social distancing rules.

Free Delivery Service

One of the most important things we can do as a community to prevent the spread of COVID-19 is to stay at home.

And this is why we are now offering a delivery service for all our customers. 

You can order any pool or spa product over the phone and we will deliver it straight to your front door.

Orders over $100.00 will be delivered for free!

A $10.00 delivery fee will be charged for orders under $100.00.

Phone Valley Pool and Spa today at (250) 860-2266 to place your order!

Curbside Service

If any of our customers are concerned with entering the shop, we are now offering a curbside service.

Call our number at (250) 860-2266 to inform us that you are outside. We will come out to collect your water sample or take your order. 

Once we complete your sample, we will return with the results and any pool or spa products you may require.

Spa Star App

Valley Pool and Spa has now launched a water chemistry app called Spa Star

This app allows you to test your water at home using Aqua Test Strips. The best part about it is that it will tell you exactly how to balance your water to keep it sparkling clean.

It will also diagnose water issues, such as green or foamy water, so that you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home.

If you’re having any issues with your spa itself, the app will troubleshoot the issue to see if you need service by one of our technicians. Then, you can request a service date right from the app. 

All of this is yours to use for free!

Maintaining a Clean and Safe Storefront

Our main priority is the health and safety of our community. And it’s for this reason that we’re offering all of these services. 

In addition to this, we are taking extra precautions in terms of our in-store cleaning. 

We hope that all our customers stay safe and healthy amidst these scary times!

Wonder if You Need a New Vinyl Liner?

Over the past several months, our pools have remained dormant under winter tarps and safety covers, so we haven’t been giving them much thought.

But spring is nearly here in the Okanagan, which mean swimming season is quickly approaching. And springtime in Kelowna means it’s time to start thinking about your pool to get it summer ready.

For those of you with vinyl liner swimming pools, it’s important to start considering the state of your liner—whether it can last another season, or if it needs to be replaced.

Typically, a pool liner in a vinyl swimming pool will last you approximately 10 to 15 years.  

Many factors will affect its lifespan, including water chemistry, sunlight, and general wear and tear. 

If you don’t really know if it’s time to change your liner or not, here are telltale signs that it 

Vinyl Liner Pool

Tears and Cracks

Typically, Vinyl pool liners deteriorate over the years due to pool chemicals and the sun’s strong UV rays.  The usual sign of UV or chemical damage is tearing and cracking in your liner.

Although a tear or crack here and there can be temporarily repaired, if they are all over your liner, you will definitely need to replace it.

Tears can lead to leakage and water damage, which can be a very costly repair.

Fading and Stains

It’s normal for liners to fade over time because of the water and the sun. But extreme fading can be a sign of the true age of the liner. And of course, if the liner gets too old, it must be changed.

You should monitor your liner for rust stains and algae buildup as well. These types of stains are sometimes impossible to remove. So, if you want to brighten up your liner and give new life to your pool, it’s time to change the liner.

Wrinkles, Slippage, and Stretching

After a few years, vinyl liners will lose their elasticity.  

You can see this as loose fittings around the return jets and skimmers.

So, if you see this in your pool, it’s a good sign that your liner has aged quite a bit and needs to be replaced.

Leaking / Water Loss

If you notice that your pool has been losing quite a bit of water, it may be because of a failing liner.

An old liner can cause seeping water to corrode the pool walls and wash away the dirt beneath.

Although this is an extreme scenario, it’s important to get your liner checked out before something bad happens. It’s always easier (and cheaper) to prevent an issue before it even happens.

Are you still not sure if you need a new liner or not? Contact Valley Pool and Spa for more information. We can help you determine what is best for you and your pool.

We also offer a wide selection of high-quality pool liners. Come into the store to browse through all the beautiful patterns and designs.

The Complete Guide to Opening Your Swimming Pool

Believe it or not, spring is on its way!

The weather is warming and the snow is thawing, which means pool season is almost here. Now is the perfect time to start thinking about opening your swimming pool. 

Spring is a busy time of year for everyone, including us here at Valley Pool and Spa. We are work hard to help you prepare your swimming pool for another summer of fun. That being said, phone us right away to book your pool opening! It may seem early, but time slots fill up fast. 

Opening your swimming pool

When Should my Pool be Open?

You have a higher chance of getting algae in your pool if it remains winterized long after the weather warms up. This is because algae begins to grow in the warm weather, and with no circulation in your pool, algae takes over your water.

To decrease your chances of this happening, open your pool as soon as possible. Around April or May is an ideal time. This may seem early, but it’s well worth it. Once it’s open, put some chlorine in your water and make sure it’s circulating. Keep doing this until it’s time to turn on the heat to swim! 


We offer many services here at Valley Pool’s when it comes to your pool opening. 

Our base pool opening services include:

  • Remove winter plugs and install returns
  • Assemble all pool equipment and install plugs
  • Install ladder(s) and grab rail(s)
  • Prime pump and start pool circulation
  • Check system for leaks
  • Add start up chemicals

Extra services we offer include:

  • Remove pool cover
  • Fill pool
  • Deck jets
  • Solar heating system
  • Vanquish system
  • Vanishing edge
  • One-time pool scrub and vacuum
  • Water cleaning and balancing (multiple visits)


This is what everyone wants to know: how much will it cost? The price varies depending on the options you choose. But, here at Valley Pool and Spa, we always give our customers the best possible prices! 

To get a rough quote for your pool opening, call us at Valley Pool and Spa. We are always glad to answer all of your pool related questions. 

FAQ on Hot Tub Water Care

Whether you’ve just purchased a hot tub or you’ve had one for a long while now, it’s common to come across questions regarding the water care.

To help you out with some common issues, here are some of our most frequently asked questions on hot tub water care:

hot tbs in the summer

Why is My Water Cloudy?

If you open the lid of your hot tub and find that the water is cloudy, it’s most likely because there are unwanted particles in the water that are making it dirty. 

This is due to not having enough sanitizer (chlorine or bromine) in your water.

To make your water sparkle again, you need to shock it with either a chlorine shock or with an oxidizer. This will kill off the particles that are making a mess out of your water.

If your chlorine levels are stable and within the recommended range, it’s possible that your water is cloudy because the cartridge filter needs to be changed.

After a certain point, they get too dirty and can’t pick up all the dirt and grime from the water.

Another reason why your water is cloudy might be because it simply needs to be changed. After a certain point, it doesn’t much matter what chemicals you put into it, nothing can be done to clean the water. In this case, you can either do a partial or full water change.

Why is my Water Foaming?

Water foams up from two things: bacteria and suds.

The best thing to do in either of these cases is to shock the water with a chlorine shock or oxidizers to ensure there is no bacteria.

The fastest way to get rid of foam is to use Foam Away. This will instantaneously eliminate all the foam in your water.

When Should I Change my Filter?

Hot tub cartridge filters are what pick up the unwanted particles in the spa to keep the water clean. So, it’s important that they’re changed out so your water can be as clean as possible.

You should change out your filter every 5 – 6 months, depending on its cleanliness. If after 4 months your filter is filled with grime, it’s best to change it out, or at least give it a deep clean.

How Often Should I Change my Water?

The level of your spa’s total dissolved solids (TDS) is a major indicator for when you need to change your water. It’s best to change your water when the TDS reaches 1,500 ppm, though you can get away with a TDS of up to 2,000 ppm. Any higher than this and you need to change your water immediately.

When your TDS becomes too high, the effectiveness of the chemicals drops and your water becomes more and more difficult to keep clean, resulting in cloudy water.

How Often Should I Bring my Water in For Testing?

The answer to this question is based on how comfortable you feel with water chemistry. Figuring out how much of each chemical you need can be difficult, so we recommend first-time hot tub users to come in around once every 1 – 2 weeks. 

If you feel comfortable with taking care of your water chemistry on your own, it’s best to come and get it checked once or twice a month.

If you have any other questions, contact Valley Pool and Spa for more help! We’re always happy to help you with all your pool and hot tub needs!