Hot Tub Spring Cleaning

After a long, hard winter, spring is finally in the air here in Kelowna! The snow is melting, and the lake is glistening. But with spring comes its cleaning. The time has come to drain and refill your hot tub. Yes, we know, this is hard work. But it must be done. We hope to make this cleaning as simple and effective as possible by giving you some tips on how to clean your hot tub. 

Hot tub spring cleaning at Valley Pool & Spa.

Flush the Lines

Your spa is like a bathtub, but you don’t drain it after every time you use it. Because of this, a sticky substance called biofilm builds up in the lines. Bacteria feeds off of this biofilm, so before you drain your spa, you’ll want to clean out your plumbing. 

This can be done by adding Spa Life Whirlpool and Tub Rinse. This will degrease and clean out the internal plumbing. All you have to do is add the product to the water and let your tub circulate for 20 minutes. 


There are several ways you can go about draining your spa. The first way is by throwing a pump in your hot tub and letting it do its thing. This is very quick method. 

If you find yourself without a pump, you can always let gravity do its thing. You can attach a hose to the drain at the bottom of your spa. This method will take longer than using a pump, but you can use this time to clean your cover and filters.


While your spa is draining, you should replace or clean out your cartridge filters. You can clean them by using a power washer. You should angle the power washer so the jet sprays at an angle to the filter. This way you won’t compromise the filter. 

Another way in which you can clean your cartridge filter is by soaking it in Spa Life Filter Free. This product is a concentrate that loosens all unwanted particles from your filter.  

Along with cleaning your cartridge filters, you should clean your cover with Spa Life Cover Care. This product will put a protective coat over your cover to slow the effects of weathering.

Once your spa is empty, you can use the product, Spa Life Clean, with water to wash the inside of your tub. This will help remove any scaling or sliminess from the surface. After you use this product, rinse out your spa with a hose.


Once you have finished cleaning out your spa, all that’s left to do is to refill it. We suggest putting your hose in the filter cannister so your spa can fill up through the lines. This prevents any air locks. 

If you have any questions regarding your spa start up, come visit us or phone us at Valley Pool and Spa. 

Romantic Hot Tub Valentine’s Day Date

It’s that time of the year again: the season of love! We’re all preparing for February 14th to celebrate love with our significant others. Although Valentine’s day is about nothing more than spending time with your loved one, some of us are feeling the pressure and panic around planning a romantic night. Well panic no more because your plans might be no further than your own backyard. Imagine – you and your valentine cuddling in the warmth of your hot tub under the starry night sky. Soaking in your spa on Valentine’s day is a unique and intimate way to spice up your evening. Here’s how you can make your hot tub night the most romantic Valentine’s day date ever:

Romantic Hot Tub valentine's day date.
Mood Lighting

Having a light glow from your water is a great way to set the mood for your date night. The awesome thing about your hot tub is it makes mood lighting very simple. All you have to do is press a button or adjust your settings to create this effect.

Another romantic way to create mood lighting is by bringing candles outside and setting them up around your hot tub. You could even make a path to your tub lit by candle light. Nothing screams romance more than candle light. 

Rose Petals

Now this is really cheesy, but there’s a reason why this is done all the time in movies. Sprinkling rose petals around the tub is a super cute, super classic Valentine’s day move that guarantees romance. 


Using spa scents is an easy way to transform your everyday spa into a Valentine’s day getaway. Here at Valley Pool and Spa, we carry Spazazz hot tub scents that offer specific Valentine’s day smells called “Romance” and “Seductive.” We also offer other scents, so come on in to see which one is best for your date night. 


Another way in which you can create a romantic mood is by playing some music. You can do this through an outdoor sound system, or ideally through your hot tub’s Bluetooth speakers. Call us at Valley Pool and Spa to talk about your Bluetooth options for your hot tub.


Now what’s Valentine’s day without champagne? You can bring your bottle and a couple of flutes out to the hot tub with you and sip it under the moonlight. If you’re worried about having glass around the spa, consider using Strahl drinkware. All their drinkware is made out of plastic but is made to look and feel like glass. If you’re interested, come to down to our where we carry a large variety of Strahl.

These are only a few ideas on how to make your hot tub date night as romantic as possible for this Valentine’s day. Soaking in your spa for your date is so easy, yet so intimate. 

Chlorine Vs. Bromine: The Sanitizer Debate

The key to keeping your hot tub water clean boils down to the sanitizer. This is the stabilized chemical that kills bacteria and unwanted contaminants. It comes in the form of little pucks or granular. You have a couple of options for your sanitizer: chlorine or bromine. But which is better? This is the age-old debate. There are a few factors that differentiate the two. Depending on your own personal needs and preferences, one sanitizer might suit you better than the other.

Chlorine vs Bromine hot tub chemicals.

Chlorine is certainly stronger than bromine. It cleans the water faster by attacking the contaminants by immediately combining itself with them. The suggested range in which you should maintain your chlorine level is between 2ppm – 4ppm. 

To say chlorine is stronger than bromine is not to say bromine is ineffective. Bromine is very successful in maintaining the cleanliness of your water as it also attacks unwanted contaminants. Bromine, however, is not as strong as chlorine, meaning you require a higher level of this chemical in your water to keep your water clean. The recommended range for bromine is 4ppm – 6ppm. 


Many of us are sensitive to the sanitizers in our hot tubs. It’s impossible to say which sanitizer is better for you without you trying them out. Typically, though, chlorine is harsher on your skin than bromine. But, depending on how your skin reacts to these chemicals, the opposite might be true for you.

Your hot tub sanitizer can directly affect your relaxation if you absolutely can’t stand its smell. Although the smell of chlorine is often described as clean, the smell can sometimes be too potent for some noses. Bromine tends to have a softer scent that some find more enjoyable. Again, your preferred scent is personal and difficult to predict.


Ease of maintenance is often a deciding factor when it comes to choosing which sanitizer is best for you. In my own experience, the desired level of chlorine is much easier to maintain than that of bromine. I find bromine fluctuates quite easily despite being a stabilized chemical. It requires more time to build up in the water, but it can also drop quite quickly. Even though chlorine might be easier to maintain, you still have to keep your eye on its levels in the water.

So which is better? Chlorine or bromine? Well, I can’t tell you. Depending on your preferences, you might choose one over the other. You might even have to try both in order to decide. Either way, by using chlorine or bromine, you’ll be keeping your water sparkling clean.

Health Benefits of Using a Hot Tub After Skiing

With Big White only an hour out of town, us Kelownites have the privilege to drive up and enjoy the snow whenever we please. For those of us who ski and snowboard, this is one of the greatest pleasures of living in Kelowna. Sometimes, however, with so much fun comes so many aches and pains. After a long day up at the ski hill, there’s no better way to wind down and relax than to soak in a hot tub. There are countless health benefits for using your spa before and after skiing.


When you submerge your body in hot water, your blood vessels dilate, which increases circulation. As we all know, good circulation is essential for a healthy body. 

The blood carries oxygen and vital nutrients to your cells, organs, and muscles. This assists healing and breathes life into your tired muscles. So, after a day on the slopes, hopping into the hot tub will restore your muscles and prepare you for your next ski day.

Joint Relief

Skiing and snowboarding puts a lot of stress on our joints, especially our knees. Using the spa after riding the hill relieves your joints of this pressure, allowing them to relax. The hot water cushions your limbs and eases inflammation. This reduces pain and facilitates healing.


Skiing and snowboarding is hard work. Your muscles are continuously engaged whether you simply carve down the hill or flip off of jumps. Using your hot tub afterwards relaxes and restores your muscles by massage. 

Injury Prevention

Using the hot tub before you hit the slopes can prevent injury by warming up your muscles. Once your muscles are warm, stretch while you’re in the water to maintain your flexibility.

Your hot tub is also beneficial for healing existing injuries. In fact, Dr. Graham Jenkins says:

“Typically, we see benefits with three hot tub water therapy sessions per week for about 12 to 20 minutes each time. I also recommend some gentle and specific stretching to the injured area (or the area we are trying to treat) when they are in the hot tub. This can help increase their mobility and flexibility so the work I do in the office is more effective.” 

If you are interested in knowing more about the health benefits of using a hot tub, phone us at 250-860-2266 or come visit us here at Valley Pool and Spa (1659 Cary road). 

Right now, we have a sale on all 2018 hot tubs! Come in so we can help you find the spa that suits your unique hydrotherapy needs. Also, we deliver all across town, including up to Big White.

When Should I Change My Hot Tub Water?

Changing hot tub water is a tedious task that most of us tend to push off until it’s absolutely necessary. This chore is especially difficult in the winter time with freezing weather, so making your hot tub water last for as long as possible is crucial. 

There are several factors that play into the length of time for which you can keep your hot tub water. In most cases, your water will last 4 – 5 months before you must change it. Although this is a general guideline, it doesn’t mean that you can’t extend the life of your water. 

Frequency of Use

Chemically, what governs the life of your water is something called TDS – Total Dissolved Solids. This tells you how much chemical and extraneous solids have been dissolved in your hot tub water. The ideal range is between 0-1500ppm. The more frequently you use your hot tub, the faster this number climbs. Once you hit the 1500ppm mark, you must switch out your water because balancing your chemicals will become difficult.

Although the TDS is directly related to chemical use, we do not recommend you stop using chemicals in order to extend the life of your water – this would do the opposite. We recommend you rinse your bathing suit before using your tub. 


Filtration, alongside chemicals, is what keeps your water clean. Be sure that your circulation setting on your tub is high enough for the frequency in which you use it. The more you use your tub, the higher the setting should be. Additionally, the state of your cartridge filter determines the quality of the filtration. To extend the life of your water, we recommend keeping your cartridge filter clean. You can do this by power washing your existing filter or by purchasing a new one here at Valley Pool and Spa.  


The appearance of the water is also a factor that determines whether or not you change it. Sometimes, you just can’t get rid of the cloudiness. If this is the case, your best option is to change the water. Though, the way to prevent cloudiness and to keep your water fresh is by using shock (Aqua Easy Shock or Aqua Brite Plus) on a minimum of a weekly basis. Depending on your spa and the frequency in which you use it, you might need to shock your water more often. We recommend shocking immediately after large groups use the tub to you prevent cloudiness, thus extending the life of your water. 

Tip: Partial Drain and Fill

If you don’t have time to do a full drain and fill, a half drain would do the trick. This would free up some of the TDS, making your water last longer.