lower body workout in swim spa

Lower Body Cross Training Exercises for Swim Spa

People use swim spas for all types of activities—from swimming to entertainment. But one of the most popular activities is fitness.

Swim spas come with a whole bunch of fitness add-ons, such as treadmills and resistance bands, making them even better than your typical gym.

Another great thing about swim spas is that you have full control over the resistance of the swim jets. 

If you’re looking to make the most out of your swim spa, here are some lower body cross-training exercises that you can try out, no matter your fitness level:

lower body workout in swim spa

Jog in Place

Jogging in place seems quite simple, but when you do it in a swim spa, the ante is upped.

Since the water acts as resistance against your legs, jogging in place becomes an extremely good workout, not only for your lower body, but for your heart.

If you’re at a beginner level, start out slow, then work your way up to a faster pace for a more thorough workout.

If you’re at an advanced fitness level, jogging in place is a good way to warm yourself up for the harder stuff.

This exercise is best done if you have a treadmill in your swim spa, though it’s still a good workout without one.

Backwards Jog in Place

Backwards jogging in place is an excellent alternative to the normal, forward-facing. What makes turning around so great is that a completely different group of muscles in your lower body are worked.

You’ll probably feel this exercise most in your hamstrings.

If you feel like you can handle more resistance, turn on the swim jet and slowly up the speed until you feel a workout in your legs and core.

Unlike the previous workout, the backwards jogging in place is best done when you have a treadmill in your swim spa.

Swim Spa Stair Master

Doing steps in your swim spa is the best possible workout for your legs and butt. 

With the weight of the water on your body, steps have never been more difficult. 

You can use the step where you enter the spa or on any other ledge as long as it’s safe. 

To get the most out of this workout, put your body weight on the heels of your feet.

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