Transform Your Backyard

Fiberglass pools are the best way to transform your backyard into an outdoor sanctuary. Not only are they quick and easy to install, they’re built out of durable materials that stand the test of time. Learn more about installing fiberglass pools in Kelowna with Valley Pool & Spa.

concrete swimming pool in kelowna

Built for your Lifestyle

Fiberglass pools are pre-formed swimming pools that arrive at your home ready-to-install. They are made of interwoven glass threads that are coated in polyester resin, which create an extremely durable surface. These pools are known for their longevity, giving you a lifetime of fun.

Benefits of Fiberglass

Apart from its durability, fiberglass pools have a ton of benefits that make them a popular choice among consumers.

  • Fast installation
  • Lower chemical use
  • Wide selection of shapes and sizes
  • Variety of finishes
  • Lifetime warranty

Latham Fiberglass Pools in Action

Fiberglass pool delivery via helicopter in the Okanagan Valley
*Viking Pools is now Latham

Finance Your Fiberglass Pool

FinanceIt makes financing large purchases like fiberglass pools easier than ever. Apply online through our specific link to qualify today!

Explore Our Fiberglass Pools

One of the best parts about buying a fiberglass pool is that you have a range of options to choose from. In addition to there being a variety of shapes and sizes, you can choose from a selection of finishes and features.

View our selection of fiberglass pools from Imagine Pools and Latham Pools:

Imagine Pools

The Celebration Imagine Pools

The Celebration

15′-6″ x 40′

The Freedom Imagine Pools

The Freedom

Starting at 13′ x 23′

The Freedom Swimming Pool with Splash Pad

The Freedom with Splash Pad

Starting at 13.1′ x 31.1′

The Marvelous fiberglass pool

The Marvelous

Starting at 15.6′ x 30′

The Illusion Fibreglass Pool

The Illusion

Starting at 15′-5″ x 30′

The Brilliant

Starting at 15′-6″ x 30′

The Vision Fibreglass Pool

The Vision

Starting at 10′ x 16′

The Exquisite fiberglass pool

The Exquisite

Starting at 15.5′ x 30′

The Fantasy Fibreglass Pool Imagine Pools

The Fantasy

Starting at 12′-6″ x 40′

The Inspiration Fibreglass Pool Imagine Pools

The Inspiration

Starting at 13′ x 23′

Latham Pools



15′-10″ x 40′


16′ x 38′


12′ x 31′


14′ x 33′


11′ x 20′

Corinthian 12

12′ x 25′

Corinthian 14

14′ x 30′

Corinthian 16

15′-10″ x 40′


12′ x 25′


12′ x 26′


16′ x 38′

Lake Shore

16′ x 33′


14′ x 30′


10′ x 16′


16′ x 40′


14′ x 35′

fiberglass pools

Ocean Breeze

16′ x 40′


16′ x 35′

St. Thomas

14′ x 31′


14′ x 31′

Traditional Freeform


12′ x 25′

Gulf Coast

16′ x 40′

Gulf Shore

16′ x 35′


12′ x 27′

Key West

12′ x 25′ – 7″


14′ x 30′

Modern Freeform


11′ x 22′


12′ x 26′


16′ x 36′


16′ x 35′

Cancun Deluxe

16′ x 35′


16′ x 40′


14′ x 30′


15′ x 34′


14′ x 30′

Laguna Deluxe

14′ x 30′