Chlorine Pools

Weekly Maintenance for
Chlorine Pools

Bring a sample of your pool water into Valley Pool & Spa to have your water test done! We will help you balance your alkalinity, pH, and calcium—all of which affect the life of your equipment.

On a weekly basis, you’ll want to put in the following chemicals to keep your water sparkling clear:

Pool SizeWham-OSuper ClarifierSuper Shock
12 x 24 (42,000L)120 ml120 ml0.50 kg
14 x 28 (61,000L)180 ml180 ml0.75 kg
16 x 32 (80,000L)240 ml240 ml1.0 kg
18 x 36 (100,000L)300 ml300 ml1.75 kg
20 x 40 (125,000L)360 ml360 ml2.0 kg
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Chlorine Levels

One of the most important things to monitor on a weekly basis is the chlorine level in your swimming pool. The chlorine should always remain within 3 – 5 ppm. Chlorine is what keeps the water clean and free from any impurities.

You should always have a few pucks in your skimmer (or floater). If you find that the chlorine level is low, add more pucks to the skimmer.

Weekly Shocking

Weekly shocking is an extremely important part of your maintenance. Shock is what keeps your swimming pools sparkling clear. If you ever have any cloudiness or green in your water, shock is what you will use to get rid of it.

Use the table above to calculate how much Super Shock you should use on a weekly basis.