Salt Water Pools

Weekly Maintenance for
Salt Water Pools

Bring a sample of your pool water into Valley Pool & Spa to have your water test done! We will help you balance your alkalinity, pH, and calcium—all of which affect the life of your equipment.

On a weekly basis, you’ll want to put in the following chemicals to keep your water sparkling clear:

Pool SizeWham-OSea QuestSuper Shock
12 x 24 (42,000L)120 ml200 ml0.50 kg
14 x 28 (61,000L)180 ml300 ml0.75 kg
16 x 32 (80,000L)240 ml400 ml1.0 kg
18 x 36 (100,000L)300 ml525 ml1.75 kg
20 x 40 (125,000L)360 ml625 ml2.0 kg
Chlorine & Salt Levels

In addition to adding the weekly maintenance chemicals, you will want to check the chlorine level in your pool. Your chlorine generator should be generating 3 – 5 ppm of chlorine to keep the water clean. If this level is too low, dial up the generator. If this level is too high, dial down the generator.

You should also monitor the salt levels in your swimming pool on a weekly basis. The salt levels should remain within 2800 – 3500 ppm in order to generate chlorine. This number does not fluctuate a lot throughout the season, but it’s a best practice to monitor the salt.

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Cleaning Salt Cell

Over time, calcium builds up in the salt cell. This buildup inhibits the cell from functioning properly. So, you need to clean it. It’s a best practice to clean your salt cell once a season.

To do this, you will need to cap one side of the cell and fill it with Aqua Salt Cell Cleaner. The acid will break down the calcium buildup. After 10-minutes, the cell will be clean and you can reattach it to the system.