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What Is Scale?

Scale is calcium build up that can form on pools and spas that have hard water. It feels rough to the touch when it attaches to the walls. In some pools and spas, scale flakes off and floats around in the water. The colour of scale is generally white or light grey.

If you have high copper and iron levels in your pool, the scale may take on a yellow or brown tint.

How to Get Rid of Scale

You can manage scale buildup in a hot tub by using Spa Life Secure on a weekly basis. When you use 100mls of this product every week, you will start to see the scale slowly disappear.

Getting rid of scale in your swimming pool is a long process. You must chemically treat it with products that directly dissolve metal and scale formation. Use one of the following products on a weekly basis:

Aqua Sea Quest at Valley Pool & Spa
Sea Quest

Aqua Sea Quest is a liquid chemical that prevents scale formation in salt water pools. It also helps prevent calcification of the salt cell, as well as staining in the pool.

Use this on a weekly basis for the best results.

Aqua Cop Out
Cop Out

Aqua Cop Out prevents scale formation in all types of swimming pools. This product also reduces iron and copper levels in the water, which prevents staining.

Naturally Aqua Stain Prevent at Valley Pool & Spa
Stain Prevent

Stain Prevent is a metal and mineral inhibitor. It breaks down any metals and calcium in the water to prevent staining and scale formation.

This product also preserves and protects the pool equipment.

ScaleTec at Valley Pool & Spa

ScaleTec is a liquid chemical that specifically works to reduce scale buildup in swimming pools. It will also reduce staining from metals, such as copper and iron.

Need Help Balancing Your Water?

We can help! Contact one of our staff members at Valley Pool & Spa to get help balancing your water and managing scale formation.