Swim Spas

The Best of Both Pool and Spa

Swim Spas are an alternative option to swimming pools, combining the best of aquatic exercise and hydrotherapy. These pools are equipped with large jets that create a strong current. No matter your skill level, swim spas offer a fantastic form of exercise. Learn more about the benefits of swim spas below.

Aquatic Fitness

Swim Spas are known for their features that offer a unique way to exercise in the comfort of your own backyard. Not only are they great for swimming, but they are great for all others forms of exercise, from resistance training to weight lifting. There are tons of accessories that can be added to the pool to make the most out of your fitness routine.

Therapy & Relaxation

In addition to their aquatic fitness component, swim spas are built for relaxation. Thanks to their carefully crafted seats and meticulously placed jets, these pools offer the best in hydrotherapy.

Some of the larger swim spas have separate hot tub areas, which are perfect places to relax post-workout.

Masters Spas is the Largest Swim Spa Manufacturer in the World

Choose From Two Premium Lines

Valley Pool & Spa exclusively sells Master Spas swim spas. Master Spas is one of the leading spa manufacturers in the industry, building swim spas that are not only known for their power, but for their unique designs. We sell two swim spas series—both of which are built to impress swimmers of all skill levels.

Michael Phelps Signature Series

Michael Phelps Signature Series swim spas by Master Spas were built with excellence in mind. Designed with the input of 23-time Olympic gold medalist, Michael Phelps, these swim spas have power unlike any other. They have a smooth current that makes your swim feel as natural as ever.

Master Spas H2X Swim Spas

Master Spas H2X swim spas are built for those who want a seamless combination of aquatic fitness and hydrotherapy in the same spa. These swim spas come with a wide range of amenities, making them perfect for all types of swimmers.

Finance Your Swim Spa

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Discover Everything Master Spas Swim Spas Have To Offer

The Wonders of a Swim Spa

Swim spas are becoming increasingly popular among consumers in Canada because of their wide range of sizes and amenities. Because of their versatility, there are tons of benefits to owning a swim spa. Discover everything they have to offer below:

Health and Fitness Benefits

At their core, Master Spas swim spas are built for aquatic fitness. Whether you’re swimming, resistance training, or walking, swim spas are a great alternative to traditional fitness.

In addition to fitness benefits, swim spas can give you the best in massage therapy. Their seats are designed to curve the body and the jets are placed to target some of the deepest muscles in the body.

Simple Installation

One of the best parts about buying a swim spa is that you can be swimming as soon as it’s delivered to your backyard!

In terms of preparing your backyard space, the swim spa needs to be sitting on flat, solid ground. Otherwise, you don’t have to do too much work to prepare for your spa.

Year-Round Usage

Unlike swimming pools, swim spas can be easily and economically heated all year round, so you can be swimming, exercising, and relaxing in sun, snow, and rain.

Learn More About Owning a Swim Spa!

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