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What to Do When You Have Cloudy Water

Opening up your swimming pool to find cloudy water is never fun. It could mean a bunch of different things—from needing to shock your water to changing the sand or cartridge in your filter. 

But if it could mean so many things, how do you figure out what to do? 

Here’s a list of procedures you should take when your water turns cloudy:

cloudy pool water

Shock Your Water

The most likely reason why your pool has turned cloudy is that there’s low chlorine and an algae is beginning to bloom. 

To get rid of these live particles in the water, shock it with Aqua Super Shock. This will spike your water with un-stabilised chlorine, killing all the algae before it becomes a major problem. 

Use a Clarifier

If your water is still cloudy after you’ve shocked your water for a few consecutive days and your chlorine is stabilised at a desirable level, odds are there are suspended particles in the water that aren’t being trapped by your filter. 

To help your water clear up quickly, use a clarifier. 

There are three types of clarifiers: Super Clarifier, Sparling Clear, and Floc. Talk to one of our specialists at Valley Pool and Spa to figure out which clarifier is best for your pool filter. 

Clean Your Filter

If you have to use a clarifier to help clean up your water, it’s likely that your filter needs to be cleaned. 

You can either clean your cartridge filter by soaking it in Filter Free (a cleaning solution) or by spraying it diagonally with an electric power washer. Either way is perfectly fine. 

You can clean a sand filter with the same Filter Free solution by simply pouring it over the sand and letting it work its way through the filter.

Change the Sand or Cartridge of Your Filter

Sometimes, cloudy water can indicate that you need to change the sand or cartridge of your filter system entirely. 

Cartridge filters typically last for four to five years with good care. So, if your water is cloudy and your cartridge filter is approaching its expiry date, it’s time to switch it out. 

Sand filters usually last the same amount of time as cartridges—four to five years. So, same deal—if your water is cloudy and you haven’t changed your sand in a while, odds are you’ll have to do it. 

If you have any further questions about what to do when you have cloudy water, talk to one of our staff members at Valley Pool and Spa who are always happy to help you!

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